Trustworthy Tattoo Inks – Know What’s Going in Your Body

Display of high-quality tattoo inks we use in our shop
Some of our assortment of high-quality tattoo inks

There are so many brands of tattoo inks on the market. We’d like to think that all companies manufacturing them were ethical and safe. Unfortunately, there are inks out there on the market that aren’t up to the highest safety and quality standards. For instance, some inks manufactured in foreign countries may have lower safety standards than in the U.S. Some disreputable sellers also sell counterfeit inks online.

We buy all our inks from reputable brands and ethical wholesalers. This ensures the best quality tattoo and the highest standard of health and safety. We only use high-quality, sterile, safe ink brands. You must have a shop license and a tattooing license to order from the wholesale retailers we use. 

Which Tattoo Ink Ingredients to Avoid

Tattoo ink is going inside your body so it’s important to avoid ingredients that are known carcinogens like acrylics, solvents, and PET plastics. Tattoo ink that comes from all-natural ingredients might seem like a safer choice, but not everything natural is non-toxic or healthy. For example, some natural ingredients can contain heavy metals that can be toxic or cause allergic reactions. Some metals that cause allergic reactions are mercury sulfide (in red ink), chromium and chromic oxide (in green ink), cobalt albuminate (in blue ink), and cadmium (in yellow ink). 

Brands We Trust and Use

Here are the brands of ink that we trust and use on our clients.

  • The Solid Ink – We use this brand for grey washes and most of our colors. Tricia’s favorite series in this brand comes from one of her personal tattooing heroes, Chris Garver. This brand is vegan and used by many famous tattoo artists.   
  • World Famous Ink – This 100% vegan ink option offers a huge selection of colors including world-famous tattoo artist color collections. 
  • Dynamic Color Co. – This ink company is combatting ink counterfeiting with extra precautions in their product labeling. 
  • Starbrite – This brand has 170 different shades of ink. They are vegan-friendly and safe, produced in a certified ISO8, Class A 100,000 cleanroom.
  • Eternal Ink – This brand has a wide selection of colors developed by tattoo artists. 
  • Nocturnal Ink – Artists Frank Viscovi and Jack Rudy developed this collection and Eternal ink manufactures it. It’s known for smooth, bold, and dark color. It contains organic pigment and no harmful chemicals. 
  • Fusion Tattoo Ink – This brand comes from a tattoo artist, family-run business, and has a high pigment load. 
  • Silverback Ink – This company focuses on grey wash inks. A tattoo artist of over 21 years developed these inks.
  • Kuro Sumi – This ink originally formulated in Japan is now made in the U.S. Their inks are vegan-friendly and incorporate organic elements. 

Tattoo Ink Suppliers We Trust and Use

All of our suppliers have extremely high safety standards and only sell to licensed tattoo artists and shops. Here are the suppliers we use for our inks. 

Concerns About Allergies and Reactions to Ink

We use only the highest quality inks from very reputable wholesalers. If you’re concerned about reacting to ink, please let us know at the time of your consultation. We can do a spot test which involves using a sterile needle to poke the skin. Then, we apply the inks we are testing to each needle stick and monitor and record if there are any reactions. If you have questions please reach out to us! 

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