Spring Crafts for Kids

Spring Crafts for Kids

Springtime brings nature’s palette of vivid greens, bright flowers and crystal blue skies to inspire works of art. Sit down with your kids and create some lasting memories and beautiful works of art together. Here are a few crafts to try with your kids this spring.


DSC_0413 (2)DSC_0408


  • Watercolors (washable is best for easy clean-up) or Crayola Markers
  • Water (in a spray bottle)
  • Paintbrush
  • Coffee filters
  • Green chenille sticks
  • Paper towels

This craft is simple enough for very young kids (with a little adult supervision). Activate watercolors by adding water to each cake. Have little ones swirl a brush (or their fingers) in the watercolor or use markers and apply color to coffee filters. Place the filters on paper towels and spray with a spray bottle to disperse color. Allow them to dry. Whey they’re all dry, pinch the middle of the coffee filter and twirl to create a flower shape. Tightly wrap the end of a green chenille stick around the twisted portion of filter and voila! Create brightly colored bouquets that won’t wilt.

DSC_0384 (2)


  • Construction or heavy drawing paper
  • Washable craft paint or finger paint (need at least red, white, brown and green)
  • Paintbrush

For smaller kids, a grown-up can help start this craft by drawing in the brown branches of the cherry blossom tree. Outline a trunk with branches, remembering that branches are thick at the base and get smaller toward the ends. Once the trunk and branches are dry, little ones can start adding leaves and flowers by finger painting. Add green dabs for the leaves and mix red and white to create beautiful pink cherry blossoms. This is a great opportunity to teach about mixing colors and you will wind up with a spring time masterpiece worthy of any art gallery (or place of honor on your fridge).



  • Blue construction paper
  • Colorful, large buttons
  • Glue
  • Cotton balls
  • Black crayon or marker

Use the blue paper as your background and decide where you want to place your balloons and where you want to place your clouds, and place a dot with your crayon or marker where you want to glue each. Let your imagination run wild because there’s no right or wrong place to put them. Pull the cotton apart slightly on each cotton ball “cloud” to make them fluffier. Use school glue to glue clouds to the paper. Next, glue a button-down where you would like each hot-air balloon to be. Once the glue has dried, go back with your crayon or marker and draw the basket below each balloon. The basket can be a simple rectangle or you can make it rounded at the corners. Connect it to the balloon with 3 or 4 little


lines. Get creative and add birds or a sun in your sky with crayons.

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