Piercing/Tooth Gem Deposit


$15- Changeouts & Exams (Standard Service Fee)
$25- Standard Ear, Nose & Body Piercings
$50- Nipple & Genital Piercings.
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Piercing/Tooth Gem Deposit

ID Requirements for Minors 

Your piercing/tooth gem deposit secures your piercing appointment with Peri.

Please be aware deposits are NON REFUNDABLE and we require 48 HOURS NOTICE to reschedule without penalty (as a one time courtesy). Your appointment slot is reserved and last minute reschedules, no shows, coming late or unprepared (see ID requirements) keeps someone else from being able to fill the spot and costs the shop staff time and money. Please be respectful and considerate when scheduling. 

To have your piercing examined and receive advice, it is a $20 service fee base (nipples and genital $25), with a deposit required. If you prefer to send high-quality pictures (encouraged), Peri will examine and give advice free of charge. To send in pictures just email the shop at figure8ink@gmail.com, or the contact us function on our app.


Please review all age restrictions and guidelines and ID requirements on our piercing page before booking.
Currently, no guests are allowed in the piercing room except guardians of minors.
Please call the shop if you have any questions or to check the availability of appointments. (540) 710-0580


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