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Our Piercer: Peri Douglass

Our piercer Peri is a proud SC native who's been piercing for almost a decade and still loves it! Not only is she a very knowledgeable and professional piercer, but she is also adamant about quality customer service. She wants every client who meets her to feel welcomed and at ease. She prides herself on providing the “Peri experience,” which includes a personal, knowledgeable approach to piercing in which every client matters!

Piercing Hours

Wed. - Sat.


Call (540) 710-0580 or email us at figure8ink@gmail.com to book a piercing appointment, you can place your deposit here: Piercing/Tooth Gem Deposit

Piercing TypePrice (Single)Price (Double)
Outer Helix$50$90
Forward Helix$60$95
Inner Ear Cartilage (tragus, conch, etc.)$55$95
Industrial$100-- N/A --
Bridge$60-- N/A --
Septum$65-- N/A --
Smiley$65-- N/A --
Frenulum (tongue web)$60-- N/A --
Monroe$55-- N/A --
Medusa (Filtrum)$55-- N/A --
Labret$55-- N/A --
Tongue$50-- N/A --
Snake Bites$75-- N/A --
Navel (belly button)$50-- N/A --
Micro Dermal Implant$75Add $50 for each additional dermal
Micro Dermal Removal$30-- N/A --
Female Genital$100-- N/A --
Christina (female genital)$110-- N/A --
Frenum$105-- N/A --
Dydoe$105-- N/A --
Prince Albert$125-- N/A --
Reverse Prince Albert$125-- N/A --
Apadravya$140+-- N/A --
Ampallang$140+-- N/A --

Important Information

Booking Policy

We encourage placing a piercing deposit to secure a date and time for an appointment. The deposit is applied to your final price and ensures your appointment time is booked with pre-setup. We take walk-ins as well, but since we prioritize appointments with deposits, we encourage calling ahead if you plan on walking in so that you know what the wait will be or when we have an opening.

Piercing Prices

All piercings include standard jewelry and free initial jewelry change on healed piercings. You will only have to pay for jewelry during change. Price depends on jewelry selected. If you would like upgraded jewelry at the time of piercing, it will be an additional charge. Please note that some piercings require only standard jewelry to be used at the time of piercing to ensure proper healing. If you do not see a piercing displayed on our list, it is likely our piercer doesn’t perform it - some include: snake eyes, guiche, dahlias, sideburn surface dermals, and dimple piercings.

Age Identification Requirements

For baby ear piercings (6 months & up) a consultation is *required* as well as an additional $25 fee at piercing, birth certificate, and 6month+ immunization records. 

For earlobe piercing for a minor, we require the parent/guardian present and their valid form of government photo ID. We also need a birth certificate or other official document that verifies guardianship. If there is a different last name, multiple forms may be required. 

In the State of Virginia, anything other than earlobe piercings is considered body piercing by the DPOR. A client must be 16+ for a body piercing (except for nostril and cartilage piercings, a client can be 14+). If the client is getting a body piercing under 18, we require parent or guardian consent and presence during the procedure, as well as a valid form of photo ID and/or birth certificate for both minor and parent/guardian, with either matching last names or addresses to indicate that they are the parent or guardian. If the minor does not have a Driver’s license, we need both a birth certificate as well as a valid school photo ID with their full legal name to match. If they do not have any form of photo ID, we cannot verify their age or identity properly, and will not perform any body piercing procedure. 

For all other clients 18+, we require a valid form of government-issued photo ID, preferably Driver’s License, for our records and to verify that the client is of legal age. We will not perform any piercing without proper legal verification and documentation.

Infant Piercing Guidelines

For ear piercing of Infants (7weeks+) a consultation is required as well as an additional $15 fee on the date of the piercing. Guardians MUST provide the child's birth certificate and immunization records.

Aftercare Information

What You Can Expect - The Normal Healing Process

Initially: Some bleeding, swelling, redness/bruising may occur. Ice and Ibuprofen can be used to control swelling. Do NOT use acetaminophen. It is a blood thinner and could cause the piercing to bleed longer.

During Healing: You may experience discoloration and a secretion of white/yellowish fluid or blood that may crust around your piercing as well as some itching. NEVER scratch or pick at your healing piercing.

Once Healed: Your jewelry may not always move freely in the piercing -- especially in the nipples or septum. DO NOT try and force it! You can try cleaning it to remove crusties and Jojoba oil may be applied.  If you fail to clean the piercing as part of your daily hygiene after it is healed, normal but "smelly" body secretions will accumulate in the piercing. A piercing will seem healed long before it is actually fully healed –But trust me. IT IS NOT FULLY HEALED! - BE PATIENT -- and continue to clean your piercing through the entire healing period recommended below. Even healed piercings after being there for many years can still shrink and possibly close in a very short period of time – Retainers are always suggested if you need to remove your piercing for work or medical reasons.

Cleaning Your Piercing

Always wash your hands before touching your healing piercing. Only sea salt (1/4tsp to every 8oz of water) or H2Ocean sea salt spray should be used to clean your piercing. NEVER use alcohol or peroxide on piercings still in the healing process .Using these types of cleaning agents while healing can actually hinder your piercing; by over cleansing and stripping the good bacteria your body needs to heal, thus making it a breeding ground for Bad bacteria/infection.  Neosporin or any other anti-bacterial ointment should also be avoided to prevent debris from getting attached to and sitting on the greasy surface.

The Piercing may discharge a whitish/yellowish secretion. These crusty discharges may be removed with a Q-Tip and warm water or a sea salt solution. If you are having a hard time removing the crusties, saturate a cotton ball in warm water or sea salt solution and then proceed with the Q tips. Don’t pick at it with the Q tip. DO NOT over clean your piercing. Twice a day is ENOUGH!

Diet, rest, and your general health all affect how your body will heal. The healthier your lifestyle, the quicker you will heal.

Aggressive cleaning, playing with your piercing or pulling it can tear out the new cells while it is healing, making the entire process begin anew and extending healing time.

Warning Signs

WARNING SIGNS OF AN INFECTION: The warning signs of an infection include prolonged pain, swelling, excessive discharge that has a foul odor, severe discoloration, piercing will be hot to the touch. The most common cause of infection is repeatedly touching a piercing with unclean hands. If you suspect an infection, please consult with your piercer first, and then you may need to follow up with your physician. DO NOT REMOVE JEWELRY FROM A SUSPECTED INFECTED PIERCING. IF PIERCING IS INFECTED REMOVING THE JEWELRY MAY CAUSE INFECTION TO SPREAD. LET YOUR PIERCER EXAMINE IT FIRST.

WARNING SIGNS OF REJECTION: Skin gets thinner and jewelry appears to get longer. Rejection can happen with any piercing, but is more common in surface piercings like eyebrow or navel. Rejection can happen for a few reasons or may be just your body’s way of ridding itself of the foreign object. If rejection occurs during the healing time please consult your piercer. If rejection happens after your piercing is healed the only option is removing it. IT WILL NOT STOP REJECTING AND WILL EVENTUALLY PUSH ITSELF ALL THE WAY OUT OF YOUR BODY. WHILE THIS PROCESS IS PAINLESS IT WILL LEAVE A NASTY SCAR.

Specific Aftercare Instructions


Healing time 4 months.  Nothing should be inserted into your nose during the healing time.

Initial Piercing: 18 gauge


Healing time 2-4 months. You can begin to flip your septum piercing up the next day after getting it pierced. Just be sure to clean your piercing every time you flip up/down. Crusties will form around the piercing making it hard to move around. Cleaning it beforehand will definitely ease the process.

Initial Piercing: 16 gauge

Navel (belly button)

Healing time 6 months. Avoid tight clothing around your navel area to prevent snagging or irritation. Harsh soaps should also be avoided. It is not suggested that you go swimming in any body of water or hot tubbing while your navel is healing. If you MUST please cover piercing with waterproof band aid to prevent getting unwanted bacteria in the piercing which could cause rejection or infection.

Initial Piercing: 14 gauge


Healing time for males is 3 - 4 months.

Healing time for females is 6 months. Going braless is not suggested while nipples are healing. Wearing a bra/sports bra will actually help with the soreness that will accompany the first couple days after your piercing.

Initial Piercing: 14 gauge

All Oral Piercings

Healing time 6 weeks. Avoid spicy foods, high grain alcohols, smoking, French kissing and oral sex. Only use Alcohol free mouthwash or sea salt solution to clean your oral piercing. Clean your piercing after eating if you feel the need. If you must smoke, rinse your mouth after EVERY time for at least the first week.

Initial Piercing: 14 gauge


For swelling or soreness take Ibuprofen. Eat slowly and think about how you are chewing. A white or yellowish film may form on your tongue and/or secrete from your piercing. These are healthy white Blood cells, your Body’s way of healing. You can gently brush your tongue with your toothbrush. Do not attempt to remove the film by vigorously brushing your tongue. You will not be able to remove it and will only end up irritating your piercing. It will subside as your healing progresses. Also if a longer barbell was used to accommodate swelling DO NOT change the size of the barbell before the date your piercer has approved. The first switch of barbells should generally be done by a professional piercer to avoid infection or you’re piercing accidentally closing.

Initial Piercing: 14 gauge


Healing time 6 weeks. Do not play with it! If you leave it alone it will heal faster. Remember to clean the outside too. It is not sufficient to just rinse your mouth with a mouthwash, etc... Consult with your piercer after it has healed about shortening the length of the piercing's post to avoid damage to teeth and gums.

Initial Piercing: 14 gauge


Healing time 6 to 8 weeks. If you have gotten your ears gauged (pierced at 10g or above) the healing time may be closer to 8 weeks. If you plan on stretching do not gauge up a size for at least 6 weeks. The first sizing should generally be done by a piercing professional. Keep in mind that one earlobe may feel completely fine and the other side may be a little slower or more sore during the healing process.

Initial Piercing: 16 gauge


Rook, Conch, Tragus, Helix, Industrial, Anti-Tragus, Snug, Daith – 6- 9 Months Healing time. DO NOT CHANGE THE JEWELRY FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS!! Cartilage piercings can sometimes be very fickle. Do not sleep on or move/twist your healing cartilage piercing.

Initial Piercing: 16 gauge


Healing time 2 months. A Band aid must be used for the first 7 days of healing to insure that the anchor takes hold. If Band aid is not used for the suggested time the piercing may shift, become raised or crooked or just fall completely out. Dermals only need to be cleaned ONCE a day. Never try to clean Behind your dermal topper. You may change the topper after 2 months. The first change should generally be done by a piercing professional.

Initial Piercing: 14 gauge


2- 4 months. Do not move, twist or change your piercing while in the healing process.

Initial Piercing: 16 gauge

Genitals (Female)

Healing 6 weeks REMEMBER -- ALL PIERCINGS ARE AN OPEN CHANNEL INTO YOUR BLOODSTREAM. Sexual contact, ESPECIALLY UNPROTECTED SEXUAL CONTACT during the healing phase could be dangerous to you and your partner. Be gentle with your new piercing - it will heal faster. Urine may be the best ally to your healing piercing -- urine is sterile to your body and the best rinsing agent you have, though it should not be used to replace suggested aftercare. Female genital piercings typically heal fast and easily. It is typical for labia and hood piercings to bleed for the first few days. If profuse bleeding occurs and will NOT stop please contact your doctor or seek help at your local Emergency Room. This is very rare for a female genital piercing but can occur. After you have been treated, return to your piercer.

Initial Piercing: 14 gauge

Genitals (Male)

Healing time 6 weeks to 6 months depending on piercing placement. Follow general aftercare and abstain for 4 weeks or as long as possible. On piercings through the head of the penis or urethra expect bleeding for the first few days. If profuse bleeding occurs and will NOT stop please contact your doctor or seek help at your local Emergency Room. This is very rare but in some instances may occur. After you have been treated, return to your piercer.

Initial Piercing: 14 gauge

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With phase 3 in effect now we wanted to post a few updates about piercing. 💎 We are now allowed to take walk-ins. We do still advise an appointment if possible because Peri has been very busy, so an appointment will ensure that you are not waiting and that we can indeed fit you in on a certain day. Peri @piercedbyperi has hours in the Studio Wednesday-Saturday 12-6pm. Mask is still required to enter the Studio. We are still not taking anyone under the age of 16 at this time until we are out of the Phases. Tomorrow, for Fourth of July, we will be closing a little early but Peri will be taking clients from 11:15-3pm. Email or call if you want to make sure you can get in! Check out Peri’s beautiful work and give her a follow @piercedbyperi ... we are so lucky to have a piercer with a decade of experience, who makes every client feel special ! Stay tuned also coming up, we’ll be ordering some gorgeous custom jewelry and also possibly tooth gems woo-hoo!!! See our website for more details about types of piercing, our price list, aftercare, appointment deposits, and Peri’s portfolio! Please no DMs email, call, or come by with questions or booking ! 
NEW FANCY JEWELRY IN! We’re slowly but surely building our upgraded jewelry stash, come by and check it out...this batch all $20 !!!!!! 🎉🎉 💎 you can buy separately for healed piercings, or some may be used as initial piercing jewelry !
Hi guys! We wanted to give you another quick memo on piercings 💎 at the Studio right now. Due to an update with state law, we are now able to pierce AGES 14 AND UP for body piercing (with parental consent and docs)-including ONLY NOSTRIL, CARTILAGE, OR LOBES (16 and up can get any location, with parental consent and piercer approval). So 14 and 15 year olds that want their nostril or cartilage done, we can now accommodate you! Please don’t go get it with a gun at the mall and have a ton of problems (we’ve seen the after math over and over!)— get it done properly by a professional licensed piercer with a piercing needle (read more on our website if you’d like to know all the reasons and research). 
Also, we’re still appointment or call ahead appointment only, no guests except for minors, masks required, no oral piercings or tooth gems, no kids under 12 at this time; all due to covid precautions. If you want to get on the notification list for when these restrictions lift, just email or call! Thank you all so much for your continued support and keeping @piercedbyperi so busy, it’s been lovely working with you all and we appreciate your patience and respect of everyone’s safety during these continued challenging times ! Please see our website if you would like to see all of our safety and cleaning measures for Covid and how we are protecting our clients ! Thank you! 
Don’t forget we have tons of cool custom jewelry for your next change out...let Peri bless you for your next bling bling ! 

Taking appointments by phone or email

At this time no oral piercings, kids, guests
Beautiful septum done by Peri @piercedbyperi for the lovely @savingswss 💎 
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