Cosmetic Tattooing

"Richard "Riki" Malone

Riki hails originally from Fort Worth, TX. He has lived in Virginia since 2011 and became a licensed Master Esthetician in 2015. Before training in esthetics, he also worked as a freelance beauty and theatrical makeup artist. He is excited to use his existing expertise as a new cosmetic tattooer with the Figure 8 team!


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Call for Availability


Call (540) 710-0580 or email us at to book a cosmetic tattoo appointment, you can place your deposit here: Cosmetic Tattoo Deposit

Powder brow: $250 with the second session included, price subject to change to $250 June 2021 for new clients

This is a soft pixellated eyebrow tattoo that gives the illusion of filled-in eyebrows with pencil. Ombre brow tattoo is another style of powder brow. (Powder brow has a crisp bottom edge and a soft top edge. Ombre brow has crisp edges on the top and bottom both.) This technique is done in two sessions 6 weeks apart. The second session is to fill in any gaps in the design (which can happen) or to adjust the color. Touchup sessions can make brows thicker or darker, but not thinner or lighter.

Eyelash enhancement tattoo: $100 for the upper eyelid, $150 for upper and lower eyelids, touchup sessions are $50

This is the thinnest eyeliner tattoo technique with a dark line hidden in the lash bed to give the illusion of fuller eyelashes. Eyeliner tattoos swell significantly during the session, so the line will shrink as it heals.

Some clients will require a driver to take them home if their eyelids swell significantly.

Freckle tattooing: $150

Beauty mark tattooing: $50 (individual beauty mark)


This is a hair stroke tattoo with a handheld tool where the skin is cut using the tool into a hair stroke pattern. This is the most popular eyebrow tattoo technique, but it heals differently on each person. Microblading is prone to healing with blurred hair strokes or ashy/cooler results than when it is freshly done.


This is similar to powder brow but done with a manual tool

Combo brow

This is a combination of hair stroke tattooing with powder brow shading. The first session is the hair stroke tattoo and the second session is powder brow shading. It can be done with a machine or handheld.

*I am planning on taking courses to offer this technique!*

Nano brow

This is hair stroke tattooing with the machine. Nano needles (0.25 mm) are used to create the hair strokes, so the tattoo heals with much crisper lines than microblading.

*I am planning on taking courses to offer this technique!*

Classic liner (launch date for me TBA)

This is the classic tattooed eyeliner technique. Can be customized to be bold and thick with a wing, or soft and subtle for a natural look.

Liner with shading (also called stardust liner)

This is a combination of the classic liner with subtle shading. The shading can be done in black or other colors for a subtle eyeshadow look

Lip blush (launch date TBA)

This is an all-over color applied to the lips. Can color correct dark/uneven lips or minimize asymmetrical lips. I am not offering this currently because of Covid.