Art is Our Passion

Art Classes

We offer a wide range of art classes including drawing & painting, pottery, sewing, mixed media and kids’ crafts. Skill levels range from beginners to professionals and we encourage personal portfolio goals. We have something for everyone.


We believe that getting a tattoo should be an enjoyable experience in which both artist and client together produce an artistic representation of self. We strive to provide excellent customer service, and to create custom artistic pieces that reflect the personality and tastes of our clients.


Piercing is another way to express your individuality in an artistic way. Our piercer Peri has been piercing professionally for over a decade and will provide a personal experience in which you feel safe. We have many jewelry options as well as aftercare products to ensure your healing process and later change out goes as smoothly as possible.

Paint Parties

Looking for a unique social event? Paint parties are a great idea for girls’ night out, your next party or office get-together. Enjoy professional instruction to create a beautiful work of art, socialize with old and new friends. Bring your own wine to add extra fun!

Special Events

Stay tuned for updates on our next special event!

About Us

Figure 8 Ink Studios offers an outlet for integrating the Arts into everyone’s weekly schedule! We teach a classic Fine Arts approach with a modern old town vibe, celebrating inspiration from both Art History and modern working artists, facilitating relevant projects that embrace the students’ personal style & passion. Whether you’re rekindling a passion for art, honing a new skill or further developing your professional art career, come exercise the right side of your brain with us!


Tricia Atkinson

Tattoo Artist, Art Instructor & Owner

Tricia "Figgy" Atkinson opened Figure 8 Ink Studios, Art School & Private Tattoo Studio, in 2015 with a dream to bring her passion and knowledge in the Arts to her community. Tricia was born and raised in downtown Fredericksburg, VA and comes from a long line of educators in this area. Tricia graduated 8th in her class at James Monroe High School and then went on to earn her Undergraduate degree and State Art Instructors license in Studio Art from the University of Mary Washington, Magna Cum Laude. After graduating she was hired by Spotsylvania County Schools and taught Art 1-4 at Massaponax High School from 2008-2016, running a busy schedule of dynamic modern lessons in a variety of media, as well as sponsoring the National Art Honor Society, Art Club, and earning many awards on county, state, and national level Art competitions with her students, including countless gold and silver Scholastic Keys, one of the most prestigious high school art competitions in the country. The Art Department at Massaponax was voted Best in Virginia 2015 by Virginia Living Magazine, and many of her students have gone on to art schools and successful careers across the country.

Retiring from public school in June 2016, Tricia now has turned her talents in the Art education field to running a full curriculum of art classes in a variety of media at Figure 8 Ink. She has designed and built a beautiful classroom in her new building that is the culmination of over a decade of teaching, including the last 5 years teaching privately at her first Studio location. There are avenues and materials to explore for most projects that can be imagined. She continues to lead community art shows, paint party events, private art parties, volunteer activities, and annual international art education trips. She was the featured artist at Fredericksburg's Annual Via Colori chalk art festival in 2016, a judge in the annual Zombie Walk event 2016, and a vendor at the Art Attack and Earth Day Festivals for many years.

Tricia also received several awards at Tattoo Conventions in 2016, including 1st Runner Up at the Miss RVA Tattoo and Arts Expo Pinup Competition, as well as winning both awards at the same event for Best Hair and Best Make-Up. She also won 1st Runner Up at the D.C. Tattoo Arts Expo 2017, and also Best in Show Skate Deck Design for 2017 at the DC Expo. Figure 8 Ink Studios won the prestigious title of “Best in the Burg” Tattoo Shop 2020, a community voted contest run by the Free Lance Star local paper.

Tricia uses her experiences teaching in public school, connections in the art community, her undergrad degree in Art, her masters degree in Education Technology Media Design from Full Sail University, and her years of travel abroad to give a unique and engaging approach to Art studio management.

Tricia also is a popular licensed professional tattoo artist in the Fredericksburg area. She was sponsored and worked part-time 2012-2015 at Ugly Bishop’s Tattoo Shop, by owner Bishop Walker. She then opened her own studio in 2015 in her first location on Courthouse Shoppes Center, where she rented for 4.5 years and successfully combined the tattoo shop and art school uses.

Then in 2019, after almost a year of negotiations and challenges, she purchased a historic commercial building at 10745 Courthouse Road, renovated, designed, and reopened it in January 2020. The new building is a direct reflection of Tricia’s vision for an artistic space for both tattooing, art classes/parties, and piercing, and truly embodies the motto “Let us help you create”. With a theme of clean but decorative style, once described as “‘new age baroque”, the new shop is inviting, inspiring, and has designated areas for each of its uses. Tricia also has plans to soon convert the outdoor green space into a winery-esque outdoor party area where she can lead large scale paint parties in the warmer months. By investing in this “forever home” for Figure 8 Ink Studios, Tricia is excited to continue developing and sharing her ultimate vision of bringing art in many different forms to her hometown.

Where does the name of Figure 8 Ink come from? It references the use of the shape figure 8 as a successful, aesthetically pleasing dynamic composition tool in both the Fine Arts world and the tattoo world, and is an ancient technique to draw the viewer's eye over the artwork, on whatever surface, canvas or skin.  The electricity and motion of a working tattoo machine is also often described as a Figure 8. When first studying tattooing Tricia was intrigued at this connection to both fields and tributes that as an ode to the multiple uses of her shop.

Tricia is a talented and diverse tattoo artist and is known for her excellent customer service and the creation of custom art pieces that reflect the personality and tastes of her client. She believes that getting a tattoo should be an enjoyable experience in which both artist and client together produce an artistic representation of self. Her professionalism and distinct background offer a unique level of accessibility to this booming arts-based culture. She is known for her strong work in a variety of styles, especially decorative neo-traditional, illustrative color, and realistic black and grey.

Beyond teaching, traveling, and tattooing, Tricia also enjoys pursuing her other personal interests which include fashion design, modeling, educational podcasting, cooking, music, family and friends time, movies, nature, alternative health, personal art, and collaborating with her crew on a variety of community projects. Figure 8’s latest community awards include being voted the 2021 “Fred Fav” in Fred Parent’s Magazine’s annual contest in the category of Best Local Art Classes, 2022 Best in the Burg Best Tattoo Artist Tricia Atkinson and 2022 Best in the Burg Tattoo Shop (runner up). Also recently, Tricia has won the 2022 University of Mary Washington Distinguished Alumnus Award, in honor of her professional and artistic accomplishments, leadership/educational role in the Fredericksburg community, and her continued ties and respect for her Alma Mater.

“The Distinguished Alumnus Award is presented to an alumnus/a who has made significant achievements and contributions to his/her profession and/or community and is recognized for leadership in his/her field. The contributions do not need to be publicly renowned but should represent important creative effort or accomplishment with societal or educational value. The achievements of the awardees should be inspirational to the University of Mary Washington students and bring honor and a source of pride to the University.”

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Peri Douglass

Peri is a proud SC native that has been piercing for almost a decade and still loves it! Not only is she a very knowledgeable and professional piercer, but she is also adamant about quality customer service. She likes every client that meets her to feel welcomed at ease. She prides herself on providing the “Peri experience,” while in her chair. You are sure to get a great piercing from a wonderful piercer.

Sabrina Robinson

Tattoo Artist/Senior Manager
Sabrina Robinson is the shop Artist/Senior Manager and a local freelance artist. She studied art and education at a local college and has worked with the Fredericksburg art community since 2014. When she's not helping the shop run smoothly, or tattooing under the watchful eye of shop owner Tricia, she spends time camping or foraging in mother nature. Time spent creating art is dedicated to watercolor and acrylic paintings, as well as graphite and digital drawings. You can check out her portfolios and blog on her website and find her on Instagram @sabrinarobinsonart. You can also find her on Etsy.

Meaghan Parris

Studio Manager/Artistic Creator
Meaghan has joined us recently and will be working towards a transition into being our full time leader on the administrative side of the studio, taking care of the majority of systems as well as managing our day to day functions in all facets: tattooing, piercing, and the art education side. Meaghan has extensive experience in management in a variety of environments, and shares our team mission of supporting each client’s goals, positive experience, and unique perspective. Meaghan loves nature, classic pop culture, and anime, and expresses many of her favorite influences in her own work and personal style. Meaghan is an amazing local artist actively involved in the local art scene of shows and events, and her paintings, prints, stickers etc. are on sale at the studio and also on her etsy and posted on her Instagram. Check them both out Instagram and Etsy shop!

Daniella “Dani” Turano-Benedict 

Tattoo Apprentice/Administrative Assistant 
Daniella "Dani" Turano-Benedict, a budding tattoo apprentice at Figure 8 Ink Studios, is a passionate mixed-media artist starting her tattoo journey under the mentorship of shop owner, Tricia. Driven by an insatiable passion for creativity, Daniella's art spans from hand-painted pieces to digital illustrations and magical wreath decor. With a deep-rooted desire to spread love and spark magic through her art, Daniella is transitioning her passion into the world of tattooing. Her portfolio showcases a diverse range of work, often characterized by whimsical designs centered around themes of female empowerment and self-love, and the playful wonder of childhood. Explore Daniella's art on Instagram @daniellaturanoart or her website

Megan "Frankie" Flues

Tattoo Apprentice/Art Instructor
Megan "Frankie" Flues is an Artist, Art Educator, and burgeoning Tattoo Apprentice sponsored under owner Tricia. For the past five years she's been nurturing young students in the world of art, specializing in mixed media, as well as oil and acrylic painting. Megan shares the joys of painting, sculpture, and drawing techniques, creating a vibrant, welcoming space for her students' artistic adventures. Embarking on her journey into the medium of tattoos at Figure 8 adds an exciting new chapter to Megan's creative narrative; and her dedication to igniting artistic inspiration and assisting students in uncovering their distinct artistic styles remains an enduring passion. Follow her journey on Instagram @meganfluesart