6 Reasons You Need Paint Parties in Your Life Right Now

Paint parties are all the rage right now, and for good reason. Art has so many benefits for your mind, body and soul and people are discovering that painting in a group setting is a relaxing and fun way to spend a few hours. Here are 6 great reasons to come to one of our paint parties.

  1. It’s a great way to unwind. Studies have shown that when you focus on creating something (like a painting), your sympathetic nervous system actually calms down (your breathing calms and your heartrate slows, allowing you to relax). Your brain can only process so much information at a time, and when you’re focusing on painting, your mind doesn’t have the “bandwidth” to process any
    stress you’ve been carrying around with you throughout your week.
  2. Snacks and wine, (need
    we say more?) – You drop hundreds to thousands of dollars on an airline ticket and all you get is a half can of soda and a microscopic bag of peanuts. At our paint parties, we treat you
    a full spread of savory and sweet snacks to nibble on that will fuel your creativity. You’re also welcome to bring your own wine and beer.
  3. Bonding time – The adage the more the merrier definitely applies to paint parties. Whether you’re looking for a fun time out with friends, a creative date night or some bonding time with your older children, you can find it at one of our paint parties.
  4. Learn something new – Some people haven’t picked up a paintbrush since elementary school or have written themselves off as “not artistic.” You will be surprised what you can do with professional instruction and a little encouragement. We break down the steps very simply so that artists of every level can complete their personal masterpiece.
  5. Challenge yourself – If you’re an avid artist already, we have designed our paint parties to be open-level so that they are beginner-friendly, yet they can be challenging enough for experienced artists. Go home with new techniques you can add to your repertoire and enhance your work. We encourage creativity, so while we may all work from the same reference, feel free to get as expressive as you want
    with your personal painting.
  6. Go home with new décor for your home – Why spend a couple hundred bucks on a print at a home décor store when you can have an original painting adorn your walls? Your work
    of art would also make a great gift if you have an upcoming birthday or holiday and you’re looking for something personal to give.

Our paint parties are held one Saturday per month. If you’re looking for something fun to do and you’re in the Frederickburg, Stafford or Spotsylvania, Virginia area, we are close by in Spotsylvania. We also do private paint parties, so if you want to host your next birthday party, office party, girls’ night out, family reunion, bachelor/bachelorette party, contact us to set something up!