6 Pro Tips for Young Artists

If you’re just starting out as an art student, or you just want to fine tune your art skills, we’ve compiled our best tips to help you make art part of your daily life so you can continue to create for years to come.

Make a workspace for art – Having a special place in your home that’s devoted to creativity will help you flourish as an artist. Carve out a little nook in your home where you feel most comfortable, so your creativity can flow. Gather all your supplies so they’re readily available as you work. It’s good to have a desk and an easel so you can work a variety of ways, depending on the media you’re using and the techniques you’re practicing.

Keep a sketchbook – The best way to improve your art skills is by keeping a sketchbook. When you practice art, you get to exercise the right side of your brain. You can fine tune skills like how much pressure to use to make a certain mark, how to create proportions or how to depict light and shadow. Your sketchbook can contain more than drawings. You can also make notes about what ideas you have for projects, quotes that inspire you, artists you want to study and so much more. Use your sketchbook to plan larger projects by drawing out thumbnails, or small, quick sketches. Use your planning pages to figure out the best media for your project and practice using that media before you’re working on a final paper or canvas.


Collect collage items and references – Do you see a gorgeous orange and red sugar maple leaf that inspires you? Next time, pick that leaf up and save it for a collage item or as a reference for a project. Cut photos out of magazines or print pictures online. You never know when you’ll find the perfect reference for your next piece or get an awesome combination of items that would look great collaged together.

Read books about art – There are so many techniques you can learn by reading books. You can study up on different periods in art history or discover a new favorite artist and try to emulate his or her style. You can start at your local library and go to the art section to flip through books and find what inspires you.

Visit museums – Museums can be a great source of information and inspiration. Get inspired to create by visiting great works of art at a local museum. Bring your sketchbook and practice drawing from life or copying works that spark your interest. Jot down names of artists that speak to your style and then read up on them later.

Learn from other artists – Connecting with other artists can be a great resource for budding artists. Being a part of the creative scene can inspire your creativity and you can learn new techniques and get feedback from experienced artists to help you hone your craft.

For more advice for young artists, check out our video below. We’d love to have you come learn from us! Check out our classes!


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